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Time is all you have

Wednesday, 8 April 2009 No Comments »

On Monday, Grzegorz Marczak announced on his blog contest for LifeHacki , or advice on how to increase their efficiency / productivity, or simply make your life easier.

In response, one of the participants told Randy Pausch'a great video about time management:

I have to admit that for some time alone I use some of his techniques :)

  • I do not watch TV
  • I'm working on two monitors
  • I will replace the money on time, or farm out some of the work to other people
  • I use a list of tasks in order of priority importance and urgency
  • I try to control the "what I did" in the last hour and "what to do" in the next

In the last two points helps me, of course calendar .

And finally, the most important words of this man:

Time is all the have. And you find a small one day: You have less than you think.

PS The recording was recorded in November 2007. Three months earlier, doctors discovered cancer in his pancreas and predicted 3-6 months of age. Randy died on 25 July 2008.